The Journey Began... March 2007

After working at H&M for 7 years as a window display designer and receiving every promotion and opportunity that she wanted, Stacey knew it was time to move on to bigger and better things. With no clue what the future held, a drive to expand both personally and creatively as well as a very encouraging talk from her best friend, Stacey soon took a leap of faith, left her full-time job and created—Divine Styling International. It is "my personal vehicle for creative expression and celebration of Color, Line, Form and Texture." - SJ

Since starting Divine Styling International in 2007, Stacey Jordan styling’s have been featured in numerous print campaigns, commercials, films, music videos, red carpet and personal appearances.
Besides Divine Styling International, Stacey is also a part of " The Hitsquad Collective" a creative team of directors and producers which has creatively produced content for Ford, TV One and some of the biggest names in the gospel industry to date.

When asked "What was the hardest part of starting your own company?" Ms. Jordan states, "Leaving my financial comfort zone with no money saved to serve as a cushion and not really knowing how to ask for help when needed. At times I didn’t have money for food, a metrocard or my bills. I knew I was doing the right thing by pursuing my career as a wardrobe stylist/costume designer so I was convicted to keep pushing.

When asked "What was the easiest?" Ms Jordan laughs.. "At times when I needed it most, I'd find money and metrocards on the street, receive a call for a job or from a friend that felt I was quietly struggling and wanted to help out in anyway they could. When one leaps with faith, the net definitely appears. In essence, the easiest part was knowing I was always taken care of . My process has helped to develop my character and my craft.

I've worked with some of the best Directors, Cinematographers, Models, Actors and Photographers in the industry from fashion, film and music. My projects just keep on getting bigger and better."

Moving in Purpose, Moving with Passion....

Clients (***Past and Present)

Turning Stone Resort and Casino
Hewlett Packard
Maryland State Lottery
Annenberg Innovation Labs
T.V. One
Cingular Wireless
Mary Louise Burke (Hung, I Love You Phillip Morris)
Geneva Carr (College Road Trip)
Justin A. Davis (Boardwalk Empire)
Ephraim Benton (Precious)
Ohene Cornelius (KickAss)
Robert Montano (One Life to Live, Army Wives).
Heavy Metal Group The Burn and Cry
Rob Murat
Busta Rhymes

Darien Dean
Jesse Boykins III
Super 400
Karen Clark Sheard
James Fortune and Fiya
International Pop Star Maor
Rising South African superstar Nomsa Mazwai.
Directors and Cinematographers
Bobby Yan
Rik Cordero
Rob Soucy
Loren Herbert
Kemi Bassey Adetiba
Harry B.Sando
Tony Clomax
Anthony Cupo
Martei Korley
David Classen
Alejandro Lalinde
Joe Labisi
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